Local make-up artist paints cosplay body art for Halloween

Local make-up artist paints cosplay body art for Halloween

This talented make-up artist has started a '31 Days of Halloween' challenge of various fictional characters in pop culture.

Local make-up paints cosplay body art for Halloween
Screenshots from Twitter

You're going to love what versatile content creator and make-up artist @slimgirlsupreme on social media is doing for Halloween.

The incredibly talented artist has started a challenge where she paints a number of different animation characters on herself. From anime characters such as Colossal Titan of the Japanese manga series 'Attack on Titan' to Tiffany and Chucky and Resident Evil's Nemisis - she paints them all.

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The Johannesburg-based artist always leaves her followers in awe and sharing her content. One of her viral videos has over one-million views and over 50,000 retweets

Take a look at some of her impressive artwork below:

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IMAGE CREDIT: Screenshots from Twitter

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