Listen to the nail-biting R150,000 Grand Challenge finale

Listen to the nail-biting R150,000 Grand Challenge finale

In the biggest #GrandChallenge ever, a guaranteed R150 000 was up for grabs. Sadly Sbahle from Cowies Hill didn't walk away with the cash, but it was a moment we'll never forget. 

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Listen to the final moments of the R150,000 Grand Challenge below:

For one day only, the Grand Challenge stood at a whopping R150,000. No randomizer needed because it was already in the bank. All that had to be done was answer 10 questions correctly in 60 seconds. 

However, at question 10, Sbahle dropped the ball and her score was 9 out of 10. Her disappointment travelled through our frequencies, and her pain felt was felt in the studio. 

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If you can get 10 out of 10 in 60 seconds, then enter the Grand Challenge today! 

All you need to do is SMS the word 'Grand' and 'Your Name' to 33116 at a cost of R1,50. T'c and C's apply!

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