LISTEN: La Mercy father-to-be shares what his family lost in mudslide

LISTEN: La Mercy father-to-be shares what his family lost in mudslide

We speak to Matthew Cooper, whose house was surrounded by a mudslide on Wednesday.

Family mudslide

A mudslide formed following the hectic and consistent rain from the past week. 

A house was surrounded by the mud and there was a pregnant women trapped for some time. Take a listen as Matthew Cooper shares how the family is doing and how much was lost. 

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The news broke on Wednesday, with Newswatch breaking the story. They shared that two women were trapped in a house that was hit by a mudslide. One of these women was Matthew's wife. 

In the above he mentions whether the family lost any items of importance in the mudslide. 

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He also clarifies the social media and news confusion - whether there were two pregnant women in the house. 

Cooper was actually at work when he heard that his wife and mother-in-law would need special emergency services to get out of the house. It was a terrifying experience for them, especially the thought of being stuck in the house until the mudslide subsides or dries, which might take a long time. 

The family is currently safe, just a little bit traumatised.

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