Listen: Keri Miller finally addresses relationship rumours

Listen: Keri Miller finally addresses relationship rumours

Keri finally said it! She's in a relationship and we called her mom to confirm it!

Keri admits to having a bf

Take a listen to Keri admitting that she has a boyfriend and our phone call with her mom or read the details under the podcast.

Keri has been giving us the run around as to whether she has a new man or not, but we found some compelling evidence on her social media which began the very short investigation. 

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We say short because it's day two and she's admitted to it - and her mom confirmed everything, too!

Nothing says taken like a change of status on Facebook, right? Well...

It has come to our attention that it didn't take Keri very long to move on from the dreadful '#TeamTod' situation (you go, girl), so we asked you, KZN, how soon is too soon? Or rather when is the appropriate time to move on after a break-up, and this is what you had to say:

Well, our Keri Miller has found love and we're beaming for her!

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