Listen: It's here! 'Jacob Zuma' drops new song

Listen: It's here! 'Jacob Zuma' drops new song

Former President Jacob Zuma has announced that he will be releasing an album of struggle songs - and we managed to get our hands on one of the songs!

jacob zuma

Listen to 'Jacob Zuma's' B-Track here:

While most Presidents move into their holiday homes or go on vacation after their time in office, others release a struggle-song album. By others, we are referring to South Africa's former President Jacob Zuma.

The eThekwini Municipality has allegedly offered JZ a R20-million record deal to release his debut album. The CD will feature a number of the ANC's struggle songs, which were sung throughout Apartheid.  

Darren, being a man of many talents, managed to get his hands on some of the B-side tracks.

Although nothing has been signed as yet, we're not so sure that Zuma will be able to live up to the original Jay-Z.

DISCLAIMER: This song is a parody which has been supplied by a local comedian, and in no way reflects the views of East Coast Radio.

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