LISTEN: An important note to all the KZN visitors during the festive season

LISTEN: An important note to all the KZN visitors during the festive season

Have a look at the Top 10 house rules from KZN listeners. 

Rule book for KZN visitors

We know how much people from varying parts of the country and the world love to enjoy Durban's variety of fun for their holidays! 

We have the game reserves, the beaches, the casinos, the huge music festivals and New Year's parties, so it makes sense. 


We thought to ourselves, "Why not get KZN listeners to share Top 10 rules for everyone visiting the province this festive season?"

If you have not yet listened to the podcast above, here you go. 

Top 10 house rules from KZN listeners for visitors in the province: 

1. You don't have to struggle with any isiZulu phrases, click here for everything you need to learn.

2. Make sure you have all the items necessary for your holiday - borrowing won't cut it. 

3. Stop staring at your phone and walking on the promenade. You could run into someone. 

4. We all like to walk on the promenade, please walk on the left and don't take up the entire pathway. 

5. Watch out for KZN drivers, they are dangerous!

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6. Do not be creepy. Let the young ladies enjoy their time on the beaches without being harassed.  

7. Stop complaining that it’s always hot and humid in Durban. It’s only like that between November and March - the rest of the year is lovely!

8. The monkeys are cute and they are smart but they are also manipulative. Please don’t feed them because then they are our problem all year round! 

9. Do not litter. The beach and the ocean is not a trash can! 

10. Our province is beautiful, but don’t slow down to 20km/hr to admire the view. It’s dangerous and annoying. 

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So, share this with all your family and friends and guests in the province this festive season. 



Main Image Courtesy: Pexels 

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