LISTEN: Darren's first time on air 10 years ago

LISTEN: Darren's first time on air 10 years ago

The man with intelligent banter and an exceptional view of the world took over this slot on East Coast Radio - and nothing has been the same ever since. 

Darren 10 years
Darren, Keri and Sky

On July 4 2011, Darren Maule hosted the his first Breakfast Show on East Coat Radio. Fortunately, we have a clip of that very first link he made on the station that has since made everyone in KZN weak for his amazing personality. 

The Breakfast Stack, as the show was called back then, had Seema Diahan on Newswatch, Dumi Kunene on Sportswave, and Johann Von Bargen reporting Traffic every weekday. The producer was George Thorne. It had happened to be Darren Maule's debut on radio exactly a year after he was on 'Celebrity Survivor' on Santa Carolina on M-Net. 

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He had also been on the show Last Say on Sunday on SABC 2 that year and appeared in the local SA film, White Wedding. He performed in several drama series on SA local television in the years prior the 2010s. 

The then-East Coast Radio general manager, Trish Taylor, shared with MediaUpdate in the early years of The Breakfast Stack: "Headlining a morning show with a TV personality who had no experience was a first on the South African circuit. So, yes, like anything new it was scary. Yet we knew that we were onto something good." 

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Indeed we were! 

Take a listen to Darren's first day on air:

And? You just cannot deny the finesse Maule possesses in that delivery. It was as if he had been presenting this specific show for years! 

We shall celebrate Darren's Decade with fun and meaning. You just stay around our side of the town for the month of July because it's a celebration! 


Main Image Courtesy: Darren, Keri and Sky 

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