Oh no! Darren Maule's unintentional word blunder this morning

Listen to Darren Maule's unintentional word 'blunder'

Darren Maule inadvertently blundered his choice of words while introducing an interview with a guest on Thursday morning. He didn't realise it at the time until listeners pointed it out. Some were amused, and some were not.

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Missed Darren's blunder moment? Listen to it below:

Darren has his moments whereby he isn't always aware of such 'mistakes', but he never fails to make it look and feel great, and brighten up the morning.

Thursday morning was that moment. While introducing the guest on Keri's Couch, he mentioned a not so friendly word that wasn't appealing to some listeners. Ouch! 

Tune in to East Coast Breakfast with Darren Maule next week from 6-9am, and who knows what other 'blunders' will happen.  

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