LISTEN: Darren Maule opens up about his drug-fueled past

LISTEN: Darren Maule opens up about his drug-fueled past

Darren Maule surprised us all when he got candid about his not-so-pretty past.

Darren Maule
Darren Maule

It’s been a stressful year for most people and some might not know how to cope with these changes, further leading many to dependence on substances.

Malcolm Blake from the South Coast Recovery Centre was on the show to talk about substance and alcohol abuse, which saw Darren Maule open up about his past.

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South Africa has been said to have a drinking problem, to which Blake said, "The World Heath Organization has done quite a lot of research on these things and I think South Africa had the fifth highest consumption rate not so long ago. 

"We are very heavy consumers of alcohol, but that doesn't necessarily mean that we also have a high number of alcoholics because some people can handle alcohol."

Listen to the full interview and hear what Darren had to say about his past.

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