LISTEN: Darren Maule gives KZN moms a day off

LISTEN: Darren Maule gives KZN moms a day off

It is no secret that moms are always overworked. Even though they take days off from work, the work at home never ends - and they are in constant overdrive.

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Darren Maule decided that this should end, and moms should get a day off - a real day off.

He asked KZN why their moms deserve a day off and the response was overwhelming, but Suhana from Phoenix was the one that caught Darren's ear. Her mom hasn't had a day off because she was busy planning Suhana's wedding.

Remember when Darren changed someone's life?

Twelve-year-old Luthando said her mom, Samke, has a part time job and runs her own business, and we thought that totally deserved a day off.

Samke became overwhelmed with her gift that she received. 

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