LISTEN: Beware of violence ahead of Black Friday

LISTEN: Beware of violence ahead of Black Friday

You don't have to fight over items - shop peacefully and mindfully. 

Black Friday - Galleria
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If you have gone to physical stores during a Black Friday, you will know that people really fight for the items they are eyeing. Fortunately, this morning Early Breakfast's Mike V made KZN listeners pledge to not engage in an violent and aggressive shopping. 

Tensions definitely rise as people have waited months for this specific day in order to buy their desired furniture, food items and just about everything. 

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Sadly, it sometimes get way too much and people lose their cool. Remember what happened at Game 3 years ago? 

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We do not have to have this similar situation every year during Black Friday. People get seriously injured - breadwinners, the elderly and sometime even pregnant women. 

If you seriously want to have your hands on an item as soon as possible, it's important you have strategic, safe and  peaceful ways to get it. 

One way is to shop online, another is to choose a certain time which might not be popular to head to your desired store. It is important to have the right kind of clothing - so less formal and more relaxed outfits should you find yourself stuck in a heavily crowded place. 

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Take this Black Friday Pledge with Mike V to injuring any other shoppers or yourself tomorrow. 

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So we all agree on this?  

No aggressive shopping, yes? 

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