List of Covid-19 conspiracy theories

List of Covid-19 conspiracy theories

We asked you to send us your conspiracy theories, now we have created the ultimate Covid-19 conspiracy theory list.

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Remember that these are just theories, some are what people genuinely believe and some are just from people who have a sense of humour. This is not actually news or any sort of PSA - It’s just a list of some conspiracy theories 

There are some obvious ones like The Bill Gates conspiracy and people believing that 5G transmits the virus, but here are some ones you might not have heard of before:

  1. Greta Thunberg Caused Covid-19 To Help With Climate Change

  2. Aliens did it: According to Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe, of the Buckingham Centre for Astrobiology, Covid-19 arrived on earth via a fireball from space that burnt up in China last October.

  3. Currently, there have been no reports of meteorites found here.

  4. It’s China’s ascension to global dominance. China created this virus, based off of SARS. It also developed a vaccine, administrable through spraying the air. It releases the pathogen amongst its own population, goes into full quarantining mode but knows the virus will slowly leak to the outside world

  5. The virus was left frozen in the ice caps and was released when global warming caused it to melt.

  6. And lastly another world domination theory: Russia comes up with new viruses for mammals and unleashes infected animals across the border, knowing that they will eventually become transferable to humans and be unleashed in China. Since all the western world does business with China, the virus spreads across the globe. Meanwhile, Russia has secretly given all its population a Covid-19 shot. World domination.

For factual information about Covid-19, follow Coronavirus: Be Informed 

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