#LifeHacksByKeri: Here's how to make Google your friend

#LifeHacksByKeri: Here's how to make Google your friend

The second term at school is in full swing, but assignments and exams have everyone going frantic - that's why I've got a solution for you!

Google earbuds

We all know how frustrating it can be to spend hours and hours writing an essay or a letter. Naturally, you're bound to make mistakes, especially if you're like me and leave everything for the last minute. 

Sometimes, even when you read your work to double check for mistakes, you still can't seem to pick them up. That's why we have Google to help us.

Take a look at my little tutorial below that will change your last-minute game forever:

Imagine that! Just a simple copy and paste into Google, and you're A for Away! Happy studying!

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