Legal expert Ashton Naidoo joins Darren, Keri and Sky weekly

Legal expert Ashton Naidoo joins Darren, Keri and Sky weekly

Darren, Keri and Sky will b joined by legal expert, Ashton Naidoo, every week to tackle all your legal problems.


Every week, Darren, Keri and Sky bring you professional experts in their respective fields in a bid to help you shed light on any related issue you may have. These experts include consumer journalist Wendy Knowler and virologist Professor Tulio de Oliveira.

With the ever-growing need for legal advice, the team has introduced another expert, Ashton Naidoo, who will join the team on a weekly basis.

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Ashton Naidoo is a lawyer at Mooney Ford Attorneys - a law firm established over 100 years ago. He joined the firm in 2019 as a partner after being headhunted to run its insurance department. Having completed a degree in Criminology and then his LLB (both at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal), he dabbled in legal advising and finally settled on private practice.

Ashton has extensive experience in public law, labour & employment law, insurance law, divorce & family law, and general commercial l litigation. He is currently the attorney on record for the Restaurant Association of South Africa and is leading the charge to rescue the restaurant industry. 

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Joining Mooney Ford was a master move for Ashton, as the company's origins date back to May 1902 when a partnership was formed between Edward Jeffrey Holgate and Fred Blamey. 

Various prominent lawyers have practiced at the law firm, including the legendary Jack Mooney, a well-known sportsman, and Wally Chaplin, who, in the 1960’s was a President of the Natal Law Society and a President of the then Association of Law Societies.

Ashton was live on air to answer KZN's law-related questions:

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