Darren Maule gets a ballet lesson from his daughter

Darren Maule gets a ballet lesson from his daughter

It's Father's Day on the 17th of June and we've got some leaked footage of Darren Maule in a pink tutu! Yup! You don't want to miss this one.

Darren in a tutu

It's no secret that the way to Darren's heart is through little Miss Maule, so anything the mouse wants, the mouse gets! Even if it's a request to practice her ballet moves with daddy!

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That's exactly what she requested and being the world's best dad, Darren put on his pink tutu and leotard and danced with his little princess. Oh, but of course we've got the footage for you!

Watch the sweetest little video ever below:

The team also put together a 'little big list' for you dads that will help you get the Father's Day presents you actually want:

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