Lady Zamar takes to Instagram Live to share her rape story

Lady Zamar takes to Instagram Live to share her rape story

The musician, at 21h00 on Thursday, opened up once again about the rape charges she has brought against her ex-boyfriend and musician, Sjava.

Lady Zamar
Lady Zamar/ Instagram

Following musician Sjava's video that trended all over social media on Thursday, Lady Zamar decided to tell her side of the story with regards to the rape allegations levelled against her ex-boyfriend. 

Sjava's video, where he gives his account of his relationship with the 'Love is Blind' hitmaker, left social media users with more questions than answers. This after the 'Mama' singer dispelled ongoing rumours that he is married and had been cheating with Lady Zamar. 

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Recounting some events of their relationship, Sjava explained that Lady Zamar was always unhappy in the relationship, but at no point did he rape her. He also apologised for the way he treated her and explained that he has lost a number of singing and acting gigs due to the allegations. 

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After trending at number one for almost the whole day, Lady Zamar took to Instagram Live to give her account of the widely reported rape allegations. She made it clear that she was raped and that contrary to rumours on social media, she has not dropped the charges.

"Jabulani raped me," Lady Zamar reiterated in the video. 

Take a look at the video below:

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IMAGE CREDIT: Lady Zamar/ Instagram

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