KZN floods: Rescue Care advises KZN not to panic

KZN floods: Rescue Care advises KZN not to panic

Rescue Care's Garrith Jamieson advises KZN not to panic amidst the heavy rains that have wreaked havoc across the province. 

storm damage
Screenshot: ECRBreakfast Facebook: Nominique Els

Listen to the audio or read the details below:

Schools have been closed, as some say their staff are unable to get to school.

Rescue Care's Garrith Jamieson advised they have been working through all hours of the night to help as many people as they can.

The most tragic incident occurred in the south of Durban where a house collapsed, and it was unfortunate that some individuals lost their lives.

Jamieson said: "Don't panic, but also confirm the information that is being shared on social media."

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