The Kiffness on getting 13-million views, royalties, and his nose flute

The Kiffness on getting 13-million views, royalties, and his nose flute

The Kiffness has hit platinum with millions of views for his latest parody video.

The Kiffness
Facebook/ The Kiffness

People from all around the world have shared and viewed a viral video created on home soil.

The video has been viewed more than 13-million times in total and one of the comments read: “A South African DJ remixing a Turkish man singing a Finnish folk song - I love the internet.”

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David Scott, popularly known as The Kiffness, joined Darren, Keri, and Sky to talk about his success in the parody making scene since releasing tons of parodies from the time he started out in 2018. With his song with Bilal Goregen (an obscure Finnish folk song originally performed by Turk Bilal Goregen) going viral with millions of combined views, the team wanted to know why people love this one so much.

We got to find out that the lady dancing in the video is actually his wife, and to be honest, she upstaged him.

"Firstly, it is my wife that is in the video. But then if you have a cat in your video, that's the secret. The song was uploaded in 2018 with Bilal playing his drum and then someone added a cat and that is when it exploded," he says.

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On a more serious note, South African artists are bleeding at this stage - more so with the pandemic resulting in the closure of events - and The Kiffness has spoken out against royalties not being paid out. He shared what he thinks will save the entertainment industry in 2021 and also got to entertain the team with his nose flute. 

Listen to the podcast for the full interview:

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IMAGE CREDIT: Facebook/ The Kiffness

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