WARNING: 'Kid-friendly' toy raps about cocaine

WARNING: 'Kid-friendly' toy raps about cocaine

'The Dancing Cactus' isn't really 'kid-friendly' as it has inappropriate lyrics to its song.

Dancing cactus

If you Google 'Dancing Cactus' from anywhere in the world, the picture of this toy cactus in a pot will show up. Unfortunately, it might not be the best choice of toys regardless of some of its description as "Early Education" or "Fun Early Childhood Education", because who wants their child learning anything about drugs? 

We live in an age where anything and everything can easily go viral, thanks to TikTok and other social media platforms. If your child saw another kid playing with a toy that seems cool and funny, they can also easily order it from wherever in the world. That is also thanks to the Internet and its endless possibilities. 

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But what happens when the 'cool' and 'funny' toy sings explicit, inappropriate lyrics in a foreign language? As a parent you can only imagine the toy is making 'sounds' rather than saying anything specific, especially if it is a language you cannot understand.

A Polish mother discovered that the toy repeatedly mentions cocaine and attempted suicide in its music when translated into English. Ela Sobczak, who reported this matter to Taiwan News in Taichung, was first informed by another Polish mother of these appalling lyrics. 

The toymaker claims that the dancing cactus can help stimulate imagination and creativity in children, while another online baby product site describes it as a good device for toddlers.

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The 32cm tall toy is also available at other Carrefour locations in Taipei and on online shopping platforms, including ShopeeRuten, Rakuten, and some baby product websites. The toy is also available overseas on Amazon.

You can imagine the shock and panic in parents who had already purchased the toy for their children. It might be in a foreign language to your child and they do not understand, you may think. But it becomes a problem when you child enjoys playing with it so much, that they share this on TikTok or other platforms and little children who speak Polish start to want the toy.

It is also just the principle of the matter. It just isn't the most ideal toy considering the inappropriate lyrics. 

So, in future, let us go to appropriate lengths to understand and learn about our children's toys - let's pick them mindfully. Maybe ask yourself, "What is the purpose of this toy?" or "What is (child's name) going to learn when playing with this?" or in this case, "What does the music from this toy mean?" 

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Being alert as a parent, especially to little children, never ends, but it is so fulfilling making the effort and best choices for your child. 

If you're reading this thinking, "OMG, I have not actually been attentive with my child's toys", just relax. 

You are doing great, mom/dad! 

The demo video of the dancing cactus toy (YouTube video):

The song played by the dancing cactus is actually by a Polish rapper, Cyphis. 

Here is his full song: 


Main Image Courtesy: @dancingcactuso

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