Keri's Couch: Getting to know the voice you wake up to at the weekend on ECR

Keri's Couch: Getting to know the voice you wake up to at the weekend on ECR

The amazing story of much-loved radio host Lucky Du Plessis is a must-listen affair.

Lucky Du Plessis

While most people know exactly which hospital they were born in or when their birthday is, the same cannot be said for Lucky, as all he knows is that he was born in Kimberly and was either born in July or September.

The family man, who is married and has a beautiful son, joined Keri Miller on her couch. As the newest member of the East Coast Radio family (who will be on your radio every Saturday and Sunday from 6 am to 9 am), Keri wanted to get to know the man behind the voice. From his extraordinary upbringing, his adoption story, and the inspiration behind his love for radio - everything is covered.

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With Adoption Month still in full swing, Lucky Du Plessis' story is one that will pull at your heartstrings.

He tells Keri about his early childhood which saw him in an abusive home after his biological father's girlfriend, Portia, kidnapped him, therefore separating him from his father. At five years of age, he had been taken from his father and landed in Florida, Johannesburg with Portia, who started using drugs. 

In all of this, Portia had enrolled Lucky into school and this is how he met his now-brother, Charl.

"My brother and I were best friends, we played together, we did everything together. On weekends somedays he'd say "hey man, do you want to come to my house?" and I'd play at his house and I'd stay there. One day I was missing from school, for like a few days, and Charl kept telling his mom and she told the school," Lucky says.

He further tells Keri that Charl's mother, Mariki (who is now his adoptive mother), found his address and drove to where he had been staying and sadly found him all alone. Portia had packed up and left him with no food or anything to drink.

Some may have been introduced to Lucky Du Plessis through a television cooking show called, 'Come Dine With Me', but many who have been following his career call him 'the radio guy'.

From working at various radio stations and being disappointed at one particular station after himself and his co-host at the time, Greg, were pushed to the last slot on the station - something he describes as a "kick on the face". However, his passion for radio did not allow him to stay down and when the ECR job came, he wanted to move solo.

So what can we expect from Lucky every Saturday and Sunday on KZN's number 1 hit music station? Listen to the podcast to find out.

For the full interview, listen below

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