Keri's Cover: The Big Reveal!

Keri's Cover: The Big Reveal!

One year, one magazine cover, one challenge. This is how Keri Miller landed her cover...

Keri Magazine
Supplied (Senior Living Magazine)

In the month of January, the team were playing a classic game of Bingo Ball when they were thrown a curveball instead.

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Usually, they just have to answer questions, but this time they were met with a task.

And not just any old task.

This wasn't some tiny dare where one of them had to run around the room or do something funny.

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This task would be a major undertaking and they had one year to complete it.

The challenge: grace the cover of a magazine before the end of the year!

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Would Darren be dancing on the cover of Drum? Would Sky be striking a pose on Sports Illustrated? Or would Keri be achieving her dream of gracing the cover of You magazine?

Not even a week later, Darren took the crown as the winner of the challenge when he (and Anna) landed the cover of Get It magazine!

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Keri did not let this stop her though, as she continued hustling to get that cover.

Today it has finally been revealed and we couldn't be more proud!

Keri's Cover
Supplied (Senior Living Magazine)

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Thank you to the incredible team at Senior Living Magazine for giving Keri a chance to live out her dream!

Take a listen below to hear how the team reacted to the official unveiling:

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