Keri's Couch: The purposeful Nyalleng Thibedi

Keri's Couch: The purposeful Nyalleng Thibedi

This week on Keri's Couch I sat down with an actress who is 24 years in the game and absolutely killing it.

nyalleng on keris couch
Lisanne Lazarus

Take a listen to my full interview with Nyalleng or read the details under the podcast.

Let me introduce you to 'Uzalo' star Nyalleng Thibedi.

Nyalleng looks the part. Sunnies on, make-up and hair on point - everything just right for someone who is a star on a local soapie.

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I am very glad I know Nyalleng outside of her role because I think I may have judged her incorrectly. Based on how she arrived at the studio I think I may have thought she was a bit of a ‘diva’. How assumptions can be so, so, so wrong.

This powerhouse of a woman is down to earth, humble, and true to what she believes is her calling.

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A single mom with a story and a half. Nyalleng was guarded about her private life but still allowed a little vulnerability to come through. Whether she does it on purpose or not, her subtle but firm stance on keeping her private life private really left me wanting more.

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