Keri's Couch: Phindile Makwakwa opens up about her personal life

Keri's Couch: Phindile Makwakwa opens up about her personal life

This week on Keri's Couch, I got to have a very personal conversation with one of KZN's most impressive women. Meet the CEO of Tourism KZN, Phindile Makwakwa.

Keri's couch - Pindile

Listen to my conversation with Phindile below or read the details under the podcast.

I was oddly nervous to meet Phindile Makwakwa. The title of 'CEO of KZN Tourism' is not something to scoff at. Oh, and did I mention that she used to be our GM’s big boss?

She was early for her interview, so I had some time to suss her out through the studio window. Wow, her smile was genuine and her energy open. I felt instantly settled.

The 30 minutes I spent chatting to Phindile flew by too quickly. 

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She has the ability to chat to you like you're an old friend. I was so honoured at how raw and honest she allowed herself to be with me. 

She spoke about the joys and the hardships of splitting her time between running a family and a business, and she even told me a story of how she walked straight out of divorce court into a board meeting.

Dedicated. Grounded. Passionate. Real. #UnStoppable.

We stood up to leave and instinctively hugged. During that moment, I hoped that some of her 'incredibleness' would rub off on me. 

What a great woman with an even greater story to tell.

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