Keri's Couch: Get to know Minnie & Tee

Keri's Couch: Get to know Minnie & Tee

This week on the couch I got to sit down with Minnie and Tee, who are the latest additions to our East Coast Radio family.

Minnie and tee on Keri's couch

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Minnie was waiting in the reception for our 09h30 meeting. She had begged us to tell Tee that the interview was at 08h30, because, well, she is more time conscious and less time ‘specific’. Haha.. at 09h31, Tee walked in.

The two are an absolute bundle of energy and they’re just adorable.

Don’t be fooled by their ‘extra’ vibes, they’re good girls and they’re hard workers who deserve their success.

I’m excited to welcome them to the East Coast Radio family, and I’m excited to have them on the couch.

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