Keri's Couch: "After walking, it's flight and the wheelchair in many ways is that" - Musa E. Zulu

Keri's Couch: "After walking, it's flight and the wheelchair in many ways is that" - Musa E. Zulu

After an tragic accident that left him in a wheelchair for life, 'truimphant' is the word to describe this inspiring man. 

Keri Miller and Musa Zulu

When you have go to the blurb of his latest offering, 'I AM ART' THE 40TH ANNIVERSARY' one comes across the reviews that were written about the inspiring author, Musa E. Zulu. They are all in unison - he is undeniably inspiring in how he has lived his life considering his greatest life-altering event back in 1995. 

Keri Miller felt the exact same way when she heard about the strides he had taken in his life and the different industries in which he leaves his admirable mark. 

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Musa Zulu wears so many belts - he is a published author, artist, poet and motivational speaker born and bred in KwaZulu-Natal. His work has managed to inspire so many people nationally and internationally as he shines his beaming light of positivity, love of life, confidence and gratitude everywhere he goes. 

'The Language of Me' is one the books he has written to journal and narrate the tragic accident that he was involved in back in 1995. It highlights his the painful coming to terms with that he would be on a wheelchair forever. 

So, despite all of this happening to a young 23 year-old Zulu back then; he emerged triumphant in his life and the paths he would ride. 

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One is only truly inspired by someone with experience, someone who knows what they are talking about, an authentic human being who has embraced their reality and only chooses light regardless. This is Musa E. Zulu. 

Take a listen as she shares his awe-inspiring life journey with Keri Miller: 

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There are so many way to view life really but the best view is forward. Musa Zulu is an example of how regardless of what and how life can be when you choose that specific view. 

This is not only Keri Miller's sentiments about the inspiring man. 

One of the reviews on the blurb also reads: 

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And life is truly just that for Zulu - life. 

It is meant to be lived regardless of what the obstacles that may come your way. These are part of your journey. 

If you are not inspired by Zulu, then honestly go check out more of his work out to see more of the amazing work he does. 

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