Keri's Couch: 100 days of #RunningForThoseWhoCant and smashing the World Record!

Keri's Couch: 100 days of #RunningForThoseWhoCant and smashing the World Record!

When Keri received an email from doting husband Claude Eksteen (on his wife Trish's behalf), she was intrigued by the commitment this incredible woman has made to raise awareness and add hope to those who need it most.

Trish Eksteen

In less than forty days, the female running World Record for the most consecutive half marathons will have a new holder in Trish Eksteen - a selfless woman who is not only looking to "unofficially" break the record, but to also raise awareness for people who have lost hope, are imprisoned with fear and anxiety, and those held captive in depression during this difficult time of COVID-19.

As it stands, the Guinness World Record sits at 60. Trish is aiming for 100 consecutive Half Marathons in a row - that's 100 days in a row of running 21.1km, which equals 2,100 km.

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Speaking about her campaign, Trish said: "I think people have lost a lot of hope and for me it was a deal of what I can do to show up and do something either extreme or traumatic... I can run, so I'm going to try and do something extreme to show people that they should take thinks one day at a time, one foot at a time. Let's just inspire people to not lose hope and to not give up."

Trish documents her run every day and always attaches a message of motivation and hope to keep people's hopes up and to keep on fighting.

Over and above running, Trish is also an obstacle racing elite athlete and has gone as far as representing South Africa at the world championships. She is currently ranked first in the world in her age group!

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Keri and Trish discussed the campaign and goal further during their virtual sit down. They also discussed diet, training routine, and Trish's passion for Grace Counselling, which is an organisation that works closely with frontline workers and those who are fighting depression and anxiety.

Listen to the full podcast below:

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IMAGE CREDIT: Instagram/trisheksteen1978

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