Keri's agent: "My journey of recovery manifested in really unhealthy relationships"

Keri's agent: "My journey of recovery manifested in really unhealthy relationships"

Jess is a warm and loving person who has a thousand stories to share - and they will all leave you inspired!

keri and Jess knauf
Shanice Pillay

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Jess Knauf is always immaculately dressed with the most beautiful fiery red hair and a huge smile.

You would never guess that behind that face lies stories of bullying at school, a string of rough relationships, and addiction.

Jess is not just my agent and manager, but she has become a good friend.

With that being said, I realised that it’s actually harder to ask the personal questions to someone you know. It feels like they’ve allowed you to read some of their diary entries and now you’re reading them out to the whole class. 

I think that this had the potential to be one of the more difficult 'Keri’s Couch' episodes, as it was almost like I didn’t want to hurt her feelings by asking anything that would hit a ‘sore spot’.

However, it’s 'Keri’s Couch' – the ‘sore spot’ is where we almost always settle. Jess opened up about her move from Johannesburg to the United Kingdom and back to SA (following a man),  her school days as a ‘ginger’ kid who got bullied, her recovery from addiction, and her discovery of self-love.

We also chatted about what it’s like to always be behind the scenes, while the people you represent are getting all the attention.

I think what I took away from this the most was that even though we’re told it over and over again, we really need to have compassion for every human we come into contact with. 

Everyone has walked their own path, and they have included so many ups and downs that have moulded them into the people they are today. 

And before you turn your nose up at or judge an addict, notice how many things in your world you’re addicted to. TV? Social media? Your partner/kids?

If you feel like you need help with an addiction, please speak out.  

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