Keri turns into a hero at local supermarket

Keri turns into a hero at local supermarket

We need more people like Keri Miller in the world. She has been hailed a 'hero' for her small act of kindness.

keri and girl with wallet_new

We're sure you've forgotten your keys, wallet, and even phones in the oddest places whilst shopping.

Sheetal Singh was recently a 'victim' of misplacing her wallet whilst shopping. Thankfully, Keri came to the shopper's rescue after discovering Sheetal's wallet in the frozen foods section at the local supermarket. 

After 25 minutes, Keri saw Sheetal looking around for something.

"I asked her what's wrong, she then told me she lost her wallet and I took her to the scene of the crime," said Keri. 

Check out the picture she snapped below:

wallet left in supermarket

Keri Miller to the rescue! The wallet was safely returned to its rightful owner thanks to our leading lady.

keri and girl with wallet

But it didn't end there. Sheetal sent a really touching message to Keri, and even referred to her as a "godsend".

See the sincere message from the grateful shopper below:

keri's screenshot of her message

Keri even gave her sound advice when it comes to stressful situations. "I told her not to stress and be present at every moment," said Keri.

We need more angels like Keri in this world, don't you agree?

Have you ever misplaced something and had it returned to you? Let us know below: 

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