Keri Miller sheds light on Darren entering Mouse's room

Keri Miller sheds light on Darren entering Mouse's room

Darren Maule told KZN he found a naughty word on Mouse's notepad after he went to 'leave' a gift in her room. Keri Miller felt she needed to give him some guidelines about entering a 11-year-old's room.

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Listen to the audio and read below: 

Darren found a naughty word written on Mouse's notepad and confronted her about it. She then explained 'Moron' is a combination of her name and her friend 'Ronald's' name.

It's safe to say Darren did overreact, but Keri decided to step in and give him some advice.

Check out Keri’s list for Darren why he should never enter Mouse’s room without her permission:

  • She’s 11, not 4. She’s almost a teenager. You might as well get used to it now. If you thought you were supposed to be in there, you wouldn’t wait until she was away to go in. you’d go in while she was home or in the room. 
  • I know she’s your child and she’s living under your roof and you’re in charge of her, but she’s also her own person and she has things to hide from you that as a parent you’re not needed to know.
  • Journals or diaries are always private - phones not so much because of the access to the internet and you need to keep an eye on that but what she doodles in her diary is her private space, and she needs to be able to trust you. 
  • She needs a safe and quiet space away from the world. Remember she has a famous dad so she experiences what you experience in the public.
  • She’s a mini version of you, Darren. She’s quirky, weird and highly inquisitive. She doesn’t need you in her room moving things around, they’re exactly where they’re supposed to be
  • Let go.

It’s hard for Darren to hear that his baby girl is growing up, but let’s hope that he will use this as guidelines to help.

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