Keri Miller shares her fondest memories of the late Steve Fataar

Keri Miller shares her fondest memories of the late Steve Fataar

"I literally don’t remember life without Steve Fataar. My dad and Steve had a friendship that spanned just over 30 years," says Keri Miller.

steve 2
Supplied: Keri Miller

I think I’m only realising now how big of a deal he was. Growing up he was my dad’s friend, who also happened to be an incredible musician.

Steve would greet you with a smile and the warmest hug. Even on Friday, just hours before he left this earth, he was still an absolute light and pleasure to be around. I’m sure he had his days, and I’m sure there were moments where his friends and family wanted to pull their hair out, but this man was someone very special.

On Friday night, the 17th of January 2020, my dad celebrated his 64th birthday. And (as you can see in the video) he and Steve re-cemented their ridiculously cute bromance.

That night there was such energy, the room was full, and Steve was surrounded by his family, friends, and fans as he played what landed up being his final set.

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I’m so grateful to my dad for teaching me about the history surrounding The Flames and introducing me, at such a young age, to Steve.

I’m so grateful to Steve for sharing his energy and his music with us. 

I’m so grateful to his family for sharing him with us.

You left this earth giving more than you took. You did it for people, not for fame, and we’re going to be saying your name for years and years to come

Here are some of the moments of Steve and my dad at his party:

My last WhatsApp with Steve, which was him telling me this should be our profile picture:

steve 1
Supplied: Keri Miller

Steve pointing at my dad, saying "Happy Birthday, Tony Miller": 

steve 2
Supplied: Keri Miller

Here is a perfect description of their bromance: 

RIP, Steve Fataar!

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