Keri Miller: "Should you support a friend's business no matter what?"

Keri Miller: "Should you support a friend's business no matter what?"

"Do you support your friend over the quality of their work?" This really is a difficult one...


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When it comes to a business which a family or friend owns, do you support them even if the the quality of work isn't 100%?

Well, that's the dilemma that Keri is having. Does she support her friend or rather go somewhere else for quality?

"You know you have that friend that you're thinking about, who does the baking, hair or whatever but aren't really amazing. You want to be a good family member or friend, but it is tough," says Keri.

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She chose to ask KZN for advice.

Gabbi from Verulum said that her friend owned a salon, but she was terrible. It was always in a mess, which is not something you want when going for a treatment.

Londiwe from Durban Central had a good explanation which left Keri and Sky thinking. She said: "It's about the quality of friendship." Londiwe went on to explain that Keri should tell her friend that she needs to learn to perfect her profession.

"So, basically, Londiwe you're saying that I should allow my friend to practice on me, rather than doing my nails for that specific function or event?" said Keri.

Thank you, Londiwe, for solving the issue!

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