Keri Miller determined to help local teen go to prom

Keri Miller determined to help local teen go to prom

Keri Miller received an interesting mail in her inbox which she chose to share with Darren and Sky as well as KZN on Monday.

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Listen to the audio and read the details below: 

Keri attended her 20-year reunion this past weekend, which made her reminisce about her high school days and how much fun was had during her school years. 

She arrived to work on Monday to find the following email in her inbox:

"Hello Keri, I trust you are well. 

I have a very special request. I have a niece who has a wish to go to her matric ball, unfortunately, she comes from a very poor home.

 She lives in a single room with her mentally ill mother and 63yr old Granny who is also ill. Both of them cannot afford to send her. Having only them as parents growing up. Her father never played any role of support since birth and continues to live an unhealthy Drug lifestyle. Growing up for her has never been easier as she didn't choose her parents. 

Most teenagers at her age generally blame there upbringing as excuses to be destructive. We are proud that she has overcome so much at her age and is now in her final year of Matric. I would truly wish she could have a "once" in a lifetime experience of a magical night and an opportunity to go, I know this will mean a lot to her. She truly deserves this, as she has endured a very hard childhood, no real home, no proper income as they live on social grants only. 

I thought it would be magical to have her dreams come true and being able to attend her matric ball. It will really be a dream come true for her. 

Please, can you find it in your heart ECR to bring this joy to her heart?"

Darren and Sky were moved by the mail, and it touched Keri's heart too. She insisted that something must be done to help this teenager. 

Will Keri pull it off and make this girl's dreams come true? Tune in on Tuesday to find out.

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