Quadruple amputee finally meets Keri Miller in studio

Quadruple amputee finally meets Keri Miller in studio

It was almost a year ago to the day that I first heard about Shan’s story. She and I shared a plastic surgeon, and she reached out to me to wish me good luck for my surgery, but also to introduce herself, and slowly I got to know how much this incredible woman had gone through, and is still going through.

keri and shan

It took a whole year to get to meet Shaninlea Visser face to face. A plethora of health issues, surgeries, and ‘sick’ days kept her and I from meeting in person. 

Finally, this weekend, it happened, and you just can’t fake the kind of joy that still emanates from Shan.

Three years ago, Shan’s life changed forever. 

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Listen to part 1 here: 

One day a friend’s pet mongoose bit her on the hand. She thought nothing of it (and to this day Shan isn’t 100% sure if THAT is what made her sick - and the doctors still don’t know). 

A day after the bite, Shan is feeling terrible – not herself, hands and feet burning. A day after that, Shan collapses, lands up in ICU and next thing she knows, she’s a quadruple amputee, about to lose her nose and lips and is riddled with sepsis

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All of this and this woman is all smiles. She sat with me this week on Keri’s Couch. Listen to part 2 here: 

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