Nailed it? Keri Miller attempts some DIY

Nailed it? Keri Miller attempts some DIY

Keri Miller had an interesting Monday afternoon. She and the Greek purchased their first pieces of furniture together, and let's just say things didn't go as planned. After perfectly putting up her couch, she struggled with her coffee table.


Her Instagram stories were filled with laughs, and what looked like loads of fun. She and the Greek bought their own DIY couch and coffee table. 

After easily piecing together the couch, there was the small matter of the coffee table. With just an instruction sheet and what looked like nuts and bolts, Keri and no clue what was going on.

At present, the table is still not made - and as Keri Miller said: "I've dropped it so many times." She doesn't think it can be put back together.

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Maybe she should have bought one that's already made? Hmmm...

Here's what went down:

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