Keri Miller and the horror hair on her chin

Keri Miller and the horror hair on her chin

"As a woman, what's more embarrassing? Being told then and there that there is a hair coming from somewhere there shouldn't be or realising it on your own much later?" asks Keri Miller.

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Keri Miller is back on home soil following her trip to Greece, and as she says - "it's good to be home". However, while she was there, she found something that was not supposed to be there.

She explains: "So, I use a mirror - one of those which magnifies like seven times, and I see that I have a long hair coming out of my chin. My chin. It's dark and pretty obvious. How many people had seen it and said nothing?"

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Keri had to ask KZN about their opinion, and, as always, they shared some crazy stories with East Coast Breakfast. 

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