Keri joins in on rhino dehorning mission

Keri joins in on rhino dehorning mission

Keri Miller joined the Attenborough siblings on a Rhino dehorning expedition at Manyoni Game Reserve.


After Darren, Keri, and Sky interviewed David Attenborough, Trustee of the Zululand Conservation Trust, Keri joined the Attenborough siblings at the Manyoni Private Game Reserve on Monday morning for a rhino dehorning expedition.

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The aim of the expedition is to prevent the poaching of rhino for their horn. With the dehorning process, the horn regrows on the animal at a late stage, making the process safe for the animal. 

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Keri spent the morning on the ground, waiting for a black rhino to be located at the nature reserve. Once the Rhino was located, a single tranquiliser dart was fired and the team alerted to not get in the way, as a single drop has the potential to kill a human. When the rhino was captured, blood samples were taken to check the animal's health. The horn was chipped so that it can never be sold on the black market. 

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