Keri and Sky have a big surprise for Darren
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Keri and Sky have a big surprise for Darren

Keri and Sky found something online that they think Darren would love! So without any hesitation, they set out to give Darren the biggest surprise yet!

Keri and sky

Darren loves anything to do with reading up on philosophy, politics, and general knowledge.

When the news broke about the passing of Professor Stephen Hawking, Darren was devastated.

Keri and Sky found an online public ballot to attend the Service of Thanksgiving for Professor Stephen Hawking at Westminster Abbey in London on Friday, 15 June 2018. 

There are only 1,000 seats available, and Keri and Sky want to make sure that Darren has one of those seats, so they signed up for him!

Take a listen to Darren's reaction:

Crossing fingers and toes for you, Darren!

If you'd like to attend the service as well, click here for the public ballot.

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