Journalist reports from her kitchen, dad walks in topless

Journalist reports from her kitchen, dad walks in topless

Work from home, they said. It will fun, they said. This journalist experienced one of the things that can go wrong when working from home...

jessica lang reporter
Screenshot: Twitter: @jessdlang

South Africans have been working from home since Thursday, 26 March, after President Cyril Ramaphosa declared a nationwide lockdown.

Working from home doesn't always go as planned, from kids misbehaving to maintaining your work schedule and observing social distancing at all times. It can be quite challenging.

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Journalists form part of the essential workforce and they are working tirelessly to bring us the news, but that sometimes doesn't always work out.

Like this journalist, Jessica Lang, a reporter for Florida's Suncoast News Network, who has been trying to find a balance while working from home. Her mom was recruited as her cameraperson and one incident left us in stitches.

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Jessica was perfectly pulling off a report on coronavirus from her kitchen when her dad ruined everything. 

She was delivering her report and noticed her mom's face change. She cut herself off mid-sentence to ask her why she looked so shocked...

Let's just say Jessica's report didn't make it to the news. 

Here's why: 

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