Jameson whiskey has launched a skincare range!

Jameson whiskey has launched a skincare range!

Will this new range of products make your skin as smooth as a shot of Jameson?

Jameson SA Whiskey skin

Every now and then, a brand will release a new product that will excite the masses, especially when it involves alcohol.

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Some liquor brands choose to stay within their industry. Johnnie Walker might release a new Scottish malt, or Heineken chooses to launch an alcohol-free beer.

In the last few years, we've even seen celebrities, like our very own AKA, delving into the world of mixing and brewing with their own creations or collaborations. 

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What we don't see very often is a company going completely off-brand and releasing a product that is not really in any way connected to alcohol production.

But Jameson South Africa is here to shake things up!

Best known for its delicious, impeccably made, and affordable Irish whiskey, the company has now set its sights on a totally different industry - skincare.

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Jameson SA took to Twitter to announce the launch of its skincare line, 'Beatha', which means "water of life".

The new line consists of three products and seems to have something for everyone.

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The products include a hydrating facial oil, beard oil, and a restorative facial mousse.

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The range is currently only available in South Africa and contains "top skincare ingredients" as well as barley and their special, most magical ingredient - their very own whiskey.

And just like their super smooth, triple distilled whiskey, they claim that their skincare will leave your skin feeling 'twice as smooth'.

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They haven't revealed much else except that you can receive any further updates by signing up for their newsletter on their website.

We can't wait to see if this endeavour will turn out to be whiskey business or if it really is worth a shot.

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Main image courtesy of @JamesonSA/Whiskey

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