It's official! Darren Maule has a girlfriend

It's official! Darren Maule has a girlfriend

After eight years of being a single dad, Darren Maule has found a significant other - and he decided to tell the whole world about it.

darren and anna
Screenshot: Instagram: Darren Maule

Listen to the audio or read the details below:

What started off as a relaxed afternoon of cricket ended with two happy hearts. Anna is no stranger to East Coast Radio, she is the Marketing Manager of Chateau Gateaux.

After the match, Darren got in front of the camera and took the mic and thanked the crowd for supporting Durban Heat. And then, at half time, he asked Anna a special question. Sky and Keri were part of his proposal, which made it even sweeter.

Darren came to work happier and chirpier than ever - and with a spring in his step. 

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See the adorable proposal here: 

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