It never rains but it pours - best you get your roof checked out!

It never rains but it pours - best you get your roof checked out!

With the rainy season well underway in most parts of South Africa, the office of the Ombudsman for Short-Term Insurance is bracing itself for a spike in complaints from distressed homeowners whose building insurance claims have been rejected.

Two skilled roofer in special work wear with helmet in hands installing asphalt shingle or roof tile

The office dealt with 1800 cases of rejected building insurance claims during 2019, most of them roof-related.

Insurers reject building insurance claims when it is found that regular maintenance on your property wasn’t carried out, or as a result of defective construction. 

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Please take note of the key advice from Peter Nkhuna, the senior assistant ombudsman at the Ombudsman for Short-Term Insurance says most complaints have to do with roofs.

“Roofs are exposed to natural elements, so they take a hammering, especially in hot, humid areas such as Durban. When you start seeing streak stains on the wall and discolouration on your ceilings, don’t do nothing - get it checked out.”

Most people think: “I’m insured, I’ll put in a claim..”

But when the insurance assessor arrives and gets up on the roof, they inevitably find cracks and gaps in the roof tile cement, allowing the water in. So that’s a claim rejection - failure to maintain the roof.

WHAT TO DO: Every 12 months get a roofing expert in to inspect your roof and carry out any necessary repairs.

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