Here's how to identify or report suspected 'looted' items on Gumtree

Here's how to identify or report suspected 'looted' items on Gumtree

The Director of Gumtree shares the different measures the e-commerce site has put in place to block out suspicious items for sale from KwaZulu-Natal following fears of 'looted' items being sold using the popular online advertising platform.

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After the looting in KwaZulu-Natal last week, we’re expecting a lot of cheap or unusually affordable appliances and items making their way to online marketplaces all across the internet. Whilst it may seem like a bargain to find that one thing you've been meaning to purchase at an unbelievably low price, but are you buying a stolen or 'looted' item?

There's always a risk of the dreaded what I expected versus what I got scenario, as well as the risk of whether the transaction is one of a fraudulent nature. But how would you know the difference between either? 

On Gumtree, it's possible to spot something that does not seem legitimate thanks to the security measures the brand has implemented.

East Coast Radio's Darren Keri and Sky spoke to Claire Cobbledick, the Director of Gumtree, who shared some insights into the number of sales and advertisements on the site from the KwaZulu-Natal since last week. You may be surprised by the number, especially when you consider the past week's events. 

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What should you do and where can you report an item that you suspected was looted?

Claire Cobbledick shares some insight and advice on how to report suspected stolen items in the podcast below, which is also available for download: 

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Being mindful during this time is quite important for everyone making an online purchase, so we would recommend doing some research before making your purchase.

Gumtree has also asked users to reach out using the standard ‘Report this listing’ feature.or you can email [email protected].


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