"If a vegetable was a serial killer..." - Darren on the worst vegetable he has ever had

"If a vegetable was a serial killer..." - Darren on the worst vegetable he has ever had

Some vegetables are just horrible and recently the team got to find out which vegetable Darren loathes. Can you relate?

Darren Maule
Darren Maule

We were all taught to eat our vegetables from a young age - because they have health benefits attached to them - but some are just vile!

Darren, Keri and Sky will be introducing a new feature next year called 'Bingo Ball' and while they were trying it out, Darren was asked to answer the question: "What was your best and worst school lunch?" 

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He did not even get to talk about his favourite meal because he needed to express the amount of hate he has for this vegetable and express it fully. "That shouldn't have even made it out the dark ages. It's just a vile and repulsive and negative vegetable," Darren says. 

He tells a story of how his mother used to make a meal with this vegetable at least once a week when he was a kid and he always found new and inventive ways to make it disappear off his plate. 

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One day he got caught and his older brother (who always bullied him) had his back and "saved" him from being disciplined and he was excited- but he should have known better because his brother pulled a prank on him he will never forget.

Listen to Darren's lamentation about this vegetable and the prank below.

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