"How prone are children to the new Delta Variant and why can’t they be vaccinated?"

"How prone are children to the new Delta Variant and why can’t they be vaccinated?"

Parents are worried as children return to school...

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One fact about a Wednesday on Darren, Keri, and Sky is that Prof Túlio De Oliveira from KRISP at UKZN joins us on the show. He is one of the world’s top virologists, virus hunters, and bioinformaticians. A world-renowned researcher who has appeared on CNN, BBC, and Al Jazeera, sharing information regarding COVID-19 and the vaccine.

Today we opened the floor with the very important question that everyone who is hesitant to get vaccinated asks: 

"What will the effect be if people do not get vaccinated?" Prof Tulio thoroughly breaks down the answer to this question with statistics looking at the challenges that will take place on South Africa's health system as a whole. Part of his answer also highlights how normal life might only be a memory if people fail to get vaccinated. 

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You may be vaccinated and may have had your full dose of a vaccine but still get infected. It is important to know whether you should quarantine or if the vaccine means you cannot spread the virus anymore. Take a listen as Prof Tulio advises on how to go about this. 

Last week, we asked the Prof the main difference between the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and the Pfizer vaccine. Today we ask if they are equally effective against the Delta variant? In this case, the Pfizer has more strengths than the J&J vaccines. Find out in the podcast how it is stronger against the Delta variant. 

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Remember the Ivermectin craze? Ivermectin is commonly prescribed by veterinarians to deworm dogs, cats, and farm livestock. It also has been prescribed for humans suffering from some parasitic infections. Are people over that now, we ask...

We also ask a question to the professor from Shawn:

"mRNA based vaccines, can they alter the genome of humans as the messenger RNA attaches itself to our DNA? Secondly, can this lead to genetic manipulation as I believe the vaccine works in the same manner as gene therapy?" 

Professor Tulio was able to answer this technical question in the podcast below. 

The most important question he answered today was whether the Delta variant was transmissible to children. Everyone is worried about their children's safety, especially as they have returned to school. 

In this podcast you will also find out why children cannot get vaccinated:


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