How do you know if your salary is market related?

How do you know if your salary is market related?

"In today’s world of the internet, such a question should not even arise. We live in a time where every bit of info is just a click away," stressed Hixonia Nyasulu. 

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The information is not always available for free, but isn’t this important enough for you to pay for - to get the information that will prepare you for one of the most important negotiations of your life? 

In using this available research, we need to be cognisant of other factors that will impact what you are being offered, such as previous experience, the sector you’re in, what you’re currently being paid (if you’re getting an offer from another company), and so forth.

In this episode, we will explore what salary studies are available, and what other sources you should use to gauge if your salary is market-related.

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