A hippo makes a casual stroll into St Lucia garage

A hippo makes a casual stroll into St Lucia garage

It seemed like an ordinary Sunday evening for many at a St Lucia garage, until large hippo was captured casually strolling in.

hippo at st lucia
Screenshot: Facebook: OK garage St Lucia

In the video, many are seen observing the magnificent creature from afar, it strolls into the garage and remains at the entrance possibly looking for something to eat. The hippo doesn't cause a disturbance or harm anyone in the duration of the video.

Posted on their Facebook page, the caption indicates that the hippo returned back it's home after its evening stroll. It mentions that St Lucia is surrounded by a large lake and is an extensive natural habitat for wildlife.

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"Just a casual Sunday night stroll in St.Lucia looking for snacks at OK Express The hippo returned back to the lake after grazing around town."

Don't believe us? Watch the video here: 

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