An incredibly exciting and memorable day of Every Caller Wins

Highlights: An incredibly exciting and memorable day of winning #ECRThriveAt25

What a day it has been. We celebrated, laughed, cried, and shared in the joy as KZN celebrated with us.

East Coast Radio

Friday 8 October was a memorable day as East Coast Radio and KZN celebrated 25 years of radio. Leading up to the big day, there were numerous prizes up for grabs, but none as big and exciting as Every Caller Wins.

From 6 am on Darren, Keri & Sky, we opened up the phone lines as KZN called in with each person hoping for their chance to win R10,000! 

The phones lines blew up!

Luck is always a major factor when it comes to competitions and it was no different as some callers tried hundreds of times and others only a few times before getting through. As Keri said, it wasn't just an ordinary edition of Every Caller Wins when we look back and consider what so many people and families have gone through since the start of the COVID-1`9 pandemic.

The winning started on Darren, Keri & Sky and carried on all the way until the end of Stacey & J Sbu at 7 pm.

Here's what you missed:

Darren, Keri, & Sky

The emotions ran high very early on in the day...

Carol Ofori

Vic Naidoo

Stacey & J Sbu

We would also like to congratulate everyone that participated in our TikTok Dance Challenge. You came in with the moves and gave us flames. Congratulations to the five winners that walked away with R 2 000 each. 

Winner Artwork
East Coast Radio

If your call didn’t get through to us for Every Caller Wins, couldn’t find the Cake in the ECR Birthday Cake Hunt or if your dance moves didn’t manage to shake up social media timelines in the ECR Dance Challenge - it’s okay!

We have ONE MORE chance for you to win R10,000… and you know what? It’s the easiest competition of them all!

VOTE NOW in our ECR Birthday Poll below and stand a chance to win R10,000!

It’s your one last chance to win with #ECRThriveAt25!

Tune in to Darren, Keri, & Sky on Monday at 06:55 to find out if you’re the winner!

Thank you so much for joining us and celebrating with us, KZN, you're all winners and we could not have asked for a better way to spend the day.


East Coast Radio Birthday Celebrations:

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