Highlight Moments for DKS

Some of the DKS highlights of 2021 so far

Keri's star shines so brightly, and we are not even halfway into the year! 

Keri's Cover
Supplied (Senior Living Magazine)

'Keri' and 'cover page' sound perfect together - almost like it should be one name. One of DKS highlights so far in 2021 was when our very own Keri Miller graced the cover page of a magazine.

It so happens that this is the year that Keri graced a magazine cover as per one of the most daring Bingo Ball games yet. The difference with this one was that it didn't require them to share a secret or do anything funny. The challenge was to grace the cover of any magazine, and they were all given a year to complete it.

Naturally, Darren being competitive, was first to nail the challenge and graced the cover of Get It! Magazine with his lovely Anna. 

That is when the leading lady, Keri,  followed and surprised Darren and Sky with a reveal of the Super Living Magazine issue she adorned.

Here's how 'Boys Club' reacted to the reveal:

You can also watch it here: 

Super Living Magazine definitely captured Keri beautifully as she shared the importance of staying active regardless of age. 

Ok now, who remembers when Keri had to be a flight attendant on the show? Bingo Ball once brought a challenge that Keri stepped up to. A determined Keri took it head-on. 

Take a listen to how that went: 

Here's the visual version of how Keri managed to pull off the difficult task of composure when on a flight.

After Bill Gates announced his divorce from Melinda, Keri didn't waste time. She had a smooth pick-up line for the Microsoft co-founder. 

Watch and listen to how smooth Miss Keri is: 

There no denying that Keri's feisty, energetic and superstar energy has made one of the show's best moments in 2021 so far. 

Image Courtesy: Super Living Magazine 

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