Here's why Darren and Sky think they should be on COSMO's Sexiest Man list

Here's why Darren and Sky think they should be on COSMO's Sexiest Man list

Fezile Mkhize was recently crowned Cosmopolitan's Sexiest Man 2019. He was among other contestants who were in the running for the title.

Fezile Mkhize / Twitter
Fezile Mkhize / Twitter

Listen to the podcast or read the details below: 

According to Cosmopolitan, not only is Fezile Mkhize gorgeous but extremely talented. He is currently a medical doctor, model and TV presenter on SA's biggest lifestyle show, Top Billing.

The magazine's Deputy Editor, Noxolo Mafu said: "We had our team choosing a range of people who are upcoming and doing incredible stuff, good following not just defining sex by ruptures it but diversity and people doing amazing stuff."

Mkhize took to Instagram to express himself following the win. 

"Thank YOU! That’s all that can really be said for this one... Thank YOU to everyone who pulled through and voted and for the support... Thank YOU to @cosmopolitansa for a fun event and making me face my formidable speedo foe yesterday 😄 .... It’s all been a phenomenal experience and can’t state enough how the other oiled up fellas made it that much more fun" he said.

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Keri was drooling over Fezile, and naturally, Darren and Sky argued why they should be on the list. 

Sky on why Darren should be on the list: 

1. Great cuddler

2. Perfect smile 

3. Looks great in a speedo 

Darren on why Sky should be on the list: 

1. Better hairline

2. Great body

3. Never see him a speedo - they don't make one that big

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