Smartest billboard message ever

Have you noticed this cheeky billboard on Durban's freeway?

A listener called in after seeing what could be the most ingenious form of advertising ever seen on Durban's N2 Southern Freeway.


Nowadays, people don't like to be bombarded by an information overload, so visuals and effective advertising are key. 

Billboards are a great example of mass and effective advertising, as they are to the point and easy on the eye. 

The N2 Southern Freeway is one of Durban's busiest highways, so if you want to find a good spot to advertise using a billboard, this freeway is one you should consider. 

A brand, claiming to be an online streaming entertainment company, decided to take full advantage of the exposure.

We received a call from a listener telling us of the very unexpected yet clever billboard that she saw. Here's what she had to say:

What looks like an untrustworthy advert usually found on street poles was used by this company to get their message across. Boy-oh-boy are we looking! 


Keri wants to put her detective skills to the test to see if she can find out whether this billboard is really legit or not. Only time will tell...

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